Every Professional who represents you should be trusted and bounded by integrity to represent your best interest. Integrity and trust are two of the most important attributes of a good Sports Agent. In every profession, business, or company, there are the good and the bad. It’s no different in the business of Sports Representation. A starting point in distinguishing the bad from the good is trust.

Sports Representation is a profession that is commission based. It is no surprise that it is a profession dominated by agents who only see the bottom line. That it why it is important that your Sports Agent is someone you can trust not only in contract negotiations but also in doing what is best for your career now and when it’s over. Building trust is a two-way street, it relies on the integrity of each person to communicate with honesty and truthfulness.

Trust is an Important Attribute of a Good Sports Agent

There are times throughout your life when you trust professionals to care for you, represent you, offer counsel or advice. You wouldn’t select a doctor, lawyer, insurance agent or business adviser, that you didn’t trust. All the professionals you choose must earn your trust. You must trust the doctor who is treating you as well as a lawyer representing you. When you believe that they are working on behalf of your best interest, they earn your trust.

The same applies to a good Sports Agent. When you select a Sports Agent to represent you in your athletic career, one that can be trusted is essential to properly represent you. The process of selecting a Sports Agent begins with recommendations, reviews, examining their portfolio and accomplishments, as well as a personal meeting with the candidates. A deciding factor should be, can they be trusted.

Unlike other professionals that you choose in life, a Sports Agent will be inextricably tied to you throughout your career. An Agent who represents you must be trusted like a best friend or family member.

You will be putting the career you have worked for in their hands. You have the talent, the ability to perform, the endurance to compete, you expect and deserve your Sports Agent to perform to the standards of excellence that you display in your sports.

You are trusting your agent, in phone calls, meetings, and their personal relationships with team administrators to represent your best interests. You won’t be with your Sports Agent every time they discuss you and your career with a coaching staff, or the team management. You will be trusting them to do the right thing for YOU!

Trust is a two-way street, especially for Sports Agent and Client. The Client places an extraordinary amount of trust in the Agent to represent their years of dedication and practice that has brought them to the pinnacle of their sports career potential. Likewise, the Agent must always trust the sports talent to present a positive image while performing to the best of their abilities.

A trusted agent should always be aware of and work towards providing financial security and opportunities for life beyond sports. You will be trusting your Sports Agent to make decisions that will affect the rest of your life, long after their commission checks stop. Only a good Sports Agent with integrity will consider your future after you are no longer a paying client.

Sports Agents with Integrity Work Towards a Lifetime of Success

Integrity is a building block of trust. Every Sports Agent can represent a client in negotiations, not all will go beyond that. Once the deal is signed and the commission check received, a Sports Agent with integrity will continue to work with a client to enhance their career in and out of sports.

Sports Agents with integrity go beyond representing an athlete only at contract time, they provide their clients with a team that provides a full spectrum of services including:

Educational Services- Nutritional and Training Programs – Brand, Reputation, Social Media and Community Relations Management – Multiple Stream of Revenue- Financial Literacy Guidance- Retirement Investments- Career Opportunities Beyond Playing Days

A Sports Agent with integrity forms more than a business relationship with the Client. They form a relationship based on integrity and trust which enables them to provide mentorship and guidance at contract time, but also throughout their life into the future.

A Good Sports Agent Relies on Integrity to Earn Your Trust

Trust is a two-way street that begins with integrity. Selecting a professional to care for, guide you, represent you, or advise you are all based on trust. When looking for a professional that can be trusted to do what is right for you, integrity is most important.

You don’t want a doctor who is prescribing medicines because he gets a bonus from pharmaceutical companies. You won’t trust a lawyer who is tilting your case for a better deal for another client that he represents. You can’t trust a financial advisor putting you in a particular investment because he earns a bigger commission. The Sports Agent you select must be based on their integrity and your trust that they always are representing your best interests and will do the right thing for YOU.