The Mission of Integrity Sports Agency

The goal of Sports Representation at Integrity Sports Agency goes beyond placement and contract negotiations. Our dedicated management style is designed to enhance the life of the skilled athlete on and off the playing field, court, track or swimming pool.

We operate with passion and it’s this passion that continues to spur us forward. Our foundation is built on our values and guided by our F.A.I.T.H. principles:

Forthrightness – We are committed to being direct, and candid keeping our client’s proactively informed with all information which will be important to address looming new challenges

Accountability – We are accountable for every decision we make and recommend on behalf of our client. We take personal responsibility for finding solutions and achieving results, we deliver on our promises and commitments, and we actively engage in discussions and commit to decisions once they are made.

Integrity – We act with integrity in all of our actions and in a manner consistent with all applicable laws and fairness and strive for excellence in all matters of ethical conduct. We take our commitments seriously and do the right thing, always!

Trust – Our commitment is to establish a trusting partnership in every aspect of our relationship. We have a strong tradition of trust, it is the reason our client’s come to us. Our continued success has been based on doing what we promise – promptly, competently and fairly.

Honesty – Every action and decision we make is based on a foundation of honesty. We value truth, transparency and accept responsibility for our actions. It involves telling the truth at all times.

These principles will help us propel you into unimaginable heights of success.

Based on each person’s dreams and aspirations, your lead representative at Integrity Sports Agency will assemble the best team of our sports experts to reach your goal. The all-inclusive approach of all our sports representation programs includes a specific game plan which includes an offense and defense that will guide each of our clients to reach for their dream.

We represent both the Professional Athlete as well as those aspiring to reach that elite level. At all times the goals of our firm is to provide individualized, trusted, dedicated, and passionate guidance to each of our clients based on their personal needs and professional goals.

The Integrity Sports Agency levels of athletic representation

For the rising Star and their families:

  • An evaluation of competition level by a trusted Youth Sports Representative
  • A discussion with the family to understand their goals as well as the youth competitor’s dreams
  • A plan that balances educational achievement with sports training and playing time
  • A structured nutritional and training plan appropriate for the athletes’ age
  • Guidance in league choices based on level of competition
  • A discussion along with guidance for using online social media accounts
  • Evaluating High School and College Scholarship Opportunities

Our Programs for College Athletes include:

  • A dedicated Agent to coordinate a personalized team of sports experts
  • Educational choices to prepare for life beyond sports competition
  • Nutritional and training programs tailored for the individual
  • A team of experts in legal and financial issues that affect the athlete
  • Counselors for Brand Development including the proper use of social media accounts
  • Utilizing our contacts with Olympic, Semi-pro and Pro Scouts to showcase the talents of our clients
  • Recommendations for the next level of competition including preparation

we provide an inclusive Team that includes:

  • An Agent to negotiate contract terms and conditions
  • A Nutritional Expert that considers the proper diet for stamina, strength and agility
  • A Personal Training Team providing a workout program to help avoid injuries
  • Legal and Financial Experts to educate you in investing for the present and future
  • A personalized Team of Brand Building, Development, and Management Experts
  • A Representative to guide in the most effective social and charitable engagements

Integrity Sports Agency is a boutique sports representation company dedicated to representing the person who is an athlete. We provide a full range of ala carte services specifically tailored to the needs of each PERSON we represent. Our goal is to help every athlete attain their dreams with honest representation that works only for YOU and your family.

Founded on the guiding principle of providing the athlete with representation based on integrity, honesty, respect and concern for the Person, the Team at Integrity Sports Agency led by Anthony Fletcher is ready to serve YOU.

At Integrity Sports Agency we build a Team of trusted experts to further your career. Together we help you reach your goals. Your Team includes Trainers, Nutritionist, Financial Advisers, along with Brand Management Experts dedicated to your success.

Our Company Values

As a man who integrated a dedication to athletics combined with education, the Founder of Integrity Sports Agency, Anthony Fletcher has assembled a team that reflects his core principles. Mr. Fletcher believes in a work ethic that includes: Honesty, Integrity, Passion, Dedication, Trust, Respect.



Our dedication to you goes far beyond your athletic goals. Your all-inclusive sports representation team guides you in finances, brand management, and social engagements. Are you looking for dedicated professionals who have your best interests at heart? If so, then we can promise you that you are in the right place. Don’t settle for second best Ever.


Our sports representation team is guided by the integrity instilled by our founder in every member of your team dedicated to helping you succeed. All of the staff here at Integrity Sports Management have strong moral values and we thrive by helping others like you succeed.


We are passionate about helping every athlete we represent. We are there for you every step of the way on your road to success. Our company was also built on passion, and we have a passion to help athletes like yourself get on their feet and stay on their feet so you know that your future is secure.


We provide sports athletes with honest representation through their career and beyond. Our interest is looking out for YOUR best interest. Here at Integrity Sports Management, honesty is everything and without honesty there is no foundation to build trust.


Your dedicated Integrity Sports Agency Representation Team is passionate about earning your trust. We establish a customized program with your best interests at its core. Earning your trust is important to us, and we like to build long lasting relationships with our clients by helping them grow and move forward in their career.


We want to earn your respect in every aspect of your representation. Each member of the team at Integrity Sports Agency reflects the core values of our Founder. Respect is something that is earned and not given. We are proud to do whatever it takes to earn your trust and set you on the right path for your life.

“I have known Anthony Fletcher since 2016. I met Anthony Fletcher when he was a scholar in the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program. I was Anthony’s business advisor while he completed this Program. Anthony always exhibited a high level of professionalism, integrity and character. Another characteristic I admire about Anthony is his considerable leadership abilities. This is exemplified by the strong growth that his business has achieved over the last three years since completing the Program.
Because of these factors, I wholeheartedly recommend Anthony Fletcher in his capacity as CEO of both his existing business, My Future Consulting and his new venture Integrity Sports Agency.”

D. Tolbert, Business Adviser, Goldman Sachs 10k Small Businesses Program.