Team Of Experts

Integrity Sports Agency offers a boutique style individualized sports representation plan for athletes at all playing levels. We assign each athlete a Personal Sports Agent who will assemble a team of experts to provide a well-rounded comprehensive program based on your needs. Our Representation Team may include, lawyers and accountants for contract negotiations as well as terms and conditions. Beyond the essential Sports Contract Representation, Integrity Sports Agency offers resources which includes, educational endeavors, nutritional best practices, an essential training program, financial education, brand development, reputation management, social media guidance along with community outreach. Your Personalized Sports Representation Team at Integrity Sports Agency goes beyond contract negotiations for the Professional Athlete. We are positioned to represent, encourage, sharpen and work with talent at all levels of sports competition.

Our trusted Young Athlete Programs focus on keeping youth safe by analyzing their participation levels, playing time, training and nutritional regiments to avoid injuries. Along with encouraging educational engagement, the Integrity Sports Agency Team will educate the young athlete on how to effectively use social media platforms to highlight their talents for league and High School Scouts while avoiding damaging negative engagements.
Together with the Parents or Legal Guardians of the young athlete our Representation Team will focus on league participation that will enhance and showcase skills in preparation for the next level of competition. High School Scholarship opportunities will be addressed with emphasis on applying for those that would be most advantageous to further the sports career of the young talent.

For our represented sports talent ready to move up to the college level, your personal team assigned by your dedicated Integrity Sports Agency Representative will concentrate on academic guidance, nutritional programs for health, as well as training programs for endurance and avoiding injuries.
Based on our core principal of integrity, your personal Agent will act as a liaison with college sports programs along with their coaching staffs to attract their interest in your talents. Your personal Team at Integrity Sports Agency will assist you in finding and applying for athletic scholarships.

College Athlete Clients of Integrity Sports Agency are guided in preparation for the next level of sports competition. This representation includes financial educational initiatives, brand reputation building, social media advisers as well as core nutritional and training assistance to keep you at the top of your game.
Your personally assigned Agent will be responsible for attracting scouts, interacting with the coaching staffs and management of semi-pro as well as professional teams on your behalf. Preparation and appointments for tryouts, combines and walk on scouting opportunities.

For Athletes who are honing their skills in the semi-pro leagues your Personalized Representation Team at Integrity Sports Agency will negotiate the terms and conditions of your contract. Your personal Sports Agent will insure that you are playing in a league that is best for your future career.
A dedicated team of Financial Advisers, Brand Management Consultants, along with nutritional and training experts will work with you to reach your goals. We will guide you in earning multiple revenue streams that will not interfere with your athletic focus, yet allows you pursue your dreams free of economic worry.

Integrity Sports Agency utilizes a team approach to representing the Professional Athlete. Your Team of personal representatives include: A Dedicated Agent- Contract Experts – Lawyers – Accountants – Brand Management Consultants – Social Media Managers – Nutritionist – Personal Training Program – Investment Advisers – Continuing Financial Education focusing on Retirement Investments along with expanding Revenue Stream Opportunities – Concierge Services.
Our experts Represent, YOU, YOUR Best Interests, along with YOUR Brand before, during and after playing time. We focus on the best situation for you, earning you the most revenue on and off the field of play, while preparing for your financial future.
The leaders at Integrity Sports Agency are ready to represent Sports Talent at every level of competitive Athletics. Our Clients can choose how Integrity Sports Agency represents them. Our Represented Sports Clients will be presented with a customized tailored package to provide you with the most comprehensive representation of your abilities and goals.

Our Services Make the Difference

  • Contract Negotiations

  • Educational Services

  • Nutritional Programs

  • Social Media Management

  • Brand Management

  • Multiple Streams of Revenue

  • Financial Literacy

  • Training Programs

  • Reputation Management

  • Community Relations