Founded on the core principle that athletes deserve honest representation, Integrity Sports Agency offers a full slate of individualized services along with guidance for athletes and their families

Contract Negotiation

CEO and NBPA/FIBA Certified Agent Anthony Fletcher will negotiate on your behalf to ensure all of your contractual needs are met. He will work closely with you throughout the process, with your goals as his top priority.

Marketing, Brand, & Community Management

In order to capitalize on your personal brand, ISA provides a team of professionals to handle marketing, brand, and community engagement opportunities. Our team will help you create authentic partnerships, maximize your presence on social media, and assist you in giving back to your community. We feel that there is way more to the modern athlete than just their ability to perform.

Financial Services & Education

In order to protect and grow the assets that you have earned on and off the court, we partner with Morgan Stanley to enhance your financial literacy. Along with in-depth education, we will connect you with a financial adviser to assist in managing your assets.

Post-Career Advising & Consulting

ISA works with you to find your passions and interests outside of basketball. Our current network and previous experience in the executive search firm industry will give you a leg up on the competition once your playing career is over.

Concierge Services

Integrity Sports Agency provides concierge services to ensure that you and your family are taken care of at all times. With this 24/7 service, ISA clients and their families will be given a personal contact to take care of any non-basketball-related tasks.

Legal Counsel

To protect your rights and reputation, ISA provides legal counsel to be used at your disposal. No matter the situation, our team will be by your side every step of the way.

Conditioning, Training, & Nutrition

ISA provides licensed nutritionists and trainers to ensure that your body is in peak physical condition year-round. We will also assist you in creating a personalized plan for your Pre-Draft training process.

Athlete Representation

The goal of our representation at Integrity Sports Agency goes beyond contract negotiations. Our dedicated management style is designed to enhance the life of the skilled athlete on and off the playing field. For rising stars and young talent, we incorporate family guidance in solidifying and reaching the goals of our represented athlete. F.A.I.T.H. is not just a motto, it is the foundational principles of Integrity Sports Agency. Every ISA team member is hand-selected by the founder based on their unique specialized skills, expertise, professionalism, and their ability to maintain the company principles of F.A.I.T.H. in all their interactions with Clients and their families.

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