Why Choose ISA?

Integrity Sports Agency is a boutique sports representation firm that focuses on the Person who is an Athlete. Unlike large Agencies that are only concerned with the highest paid players to quickly make the largest commissions, ISA was founded by a former Division 1 College Scholarship recipient who understands the value of individualized mentorship in Sports.

The ISA Team includes professional attorneys experienced with best practices in contract negotiations to achieve the greatest financial incentives as well as the most beneficial terms and conditions. Unlike larger sports agency firms where representation begins and ends with the contract attorneys, ISA represents each Client with a personalized Team of knowledgeable professionals who are experts in multiple disciplines.

The Team approach of Sports Representation is what separates ISA from the competition. Most Client interaction with larger representation agency is usually a couple times a year. Your customized personal ISA Team maintains constant contact with you not just at contract time. The Integrity Sports Agency approach is singular in its mission, to provide each Client with a full-service Team dedicated to all encompassing service to every Client throughout the year.

Why Choose ISA?

What makes ISA different from the large firms is dedicated Client-Centric Service by a Personal Team of Professionals. An ISA Team is customized for each client.  Team Members are committed to personalized service to guide, mentor, advise and educate. Every ISA Team Member provides every client with their direct contact information.

Along with their experience, dedication and expertise every ISA Team member has been personally selected by the Founder to best represent the company values of forthrightness, accountability, integrity, trust and honesty.

The complexities of an athlete’s life today needs more than a high-priced contract attorney. It requires the services of a multi-functional expert team to efficiently offer solutions, advice, support, guidance and every day help to clients and their families. The ISA Team is available, easy to contact and ready to service YOU and your family every day before and after the contract signing.

Who is at YOUR Service at ISA?

  • An Agent – Your ISA Agent will assemble, organize, supervise, and monitor YOUR ISA Team. Your ISA Agent will act as your personal liaison and concierge to coordinate personal and family needs when at home or traveling. Your Agent will address any service issues with your ISA Team. Your Agent will ensure that you have direct contact access to every member of YOUR ISA TEAM.
  • Attorney – Your ISA Attorney will review and participate in your contract negotiation ensuring that it includes the best financial incentives, terms and conditions as well as renewal and free-agency options.
  • Accountant – Your ISA Agent will recommend accountants who have been vetted and offer you the services you require for your tax filings.
  • Financial Advisers – Your ISA adviser will help you choose a registered financial adviser. The Financial Adviser will provide you with a direct access phone number and email address. ISA recommends that all clients become educated in financial literacy so that they can make their own informed decisions. ISA provides help and support for clients to register in a program that is convenient and beneficial to their financial education. Your ISA Agent will also strongly advise early retirement planning and can arrange for classes, seminars and courses.
  • Registered Dietitian – ISA will offer you the services of a Registered Dietician who will work with you to accomplish the best nutritional program throughout the year in coordination with your workout regimen.
  • Personal Trainer – ISA offers the services of Personal Trainers to establish a training program that will meet the goals of your endurance and strength training while preventing and limiting injuries.
  • Branding Guru – ISA employs professional specialists to build and maintain your personal brand.
  • Strategic Communications Guru – ISA recommends the services of a social media expert to avoid pitfalls and snafus while building and maintaining the integrity and viability of your Brand.
  • Community Engagement Manager – Your ISA Community Engagement will arrange charitable appearances that best support the growth of your Brand while giving back to the Community.

Integrity Sports Agency offers every Client a full selection of Team Members to support and service their career on an ala carte basis. Your ISA Agent will arrange an initial introductory meeting with all the professionals and experts at ISA.

All the services and experts at Integrity Sports Agency are geared to support the goals of your career, now and in the future.

Service in Good Times and Bad

The goal of ISA is to provide dedicated service to our clients and support for their families in all kinds of weather. YOUR ISA TEAM will be there to support and celebrate the good times with you and will also be there to shelter you from the storm.

Every career including a sports career has its highs and lows, our job at ISA is to be there with you every step of the way and beyond. Your ISA Team looks at the whole forecast and prepares for unsettled weather.

If your career runs into a cold front, we are ready with dedicated service to get you back into the warmth. YOUR ISA TEAM will be at your service. We are big enough to offer all the services you need, yet small enough to offer you old fashioned personal ,expert, professional service with the benefits of technology.

When someone asks you, why did you choose Integrity Sports Service, we want your answer to be SERVICE, SERVICE, SERVICE. At ISA we work every day to make that happen. We are THE Sports Agency based on Integrity, Guided by F.A.I.T.H. and dedicated to SERVICE for your career, your future and your goals.