Sports Representation Building a Team For You

Integrity Sports Agency in Chicago represents individuals in all competitive athletics with dedicated, passionate, guiding Individualized programs with a game plan for success. Built on trust and mutual respect, we have a team of professionals and programs for athletes at all levels who have a goal of a career in sports.

Making All-Stars Shine

A Personalized Sports Management Team for Athletes
Offering full-service solutions for the PERSON who is an Athlete. At Integrity Sports Agency, a boutique Sports Management Company, we are dedicated to representing the PERSON who is an athlete. Founded on the core principle that athletes deserve honest representation, Integrity Sports Agency offers a full slate of individualized services along with guidance for the athletes and their families.

We are passionate about every athlete that we represent. We go beyond placement and contract negotiations. Our goal is to nurture each person that we represent, providing them with training and nutritional regiments which allow them to perform at their peak levels while minimizing injuries.

Enhanced Planning based on Integrity

At Integrity Sports Agency our sports management services are personalized for all levels of athletes from those exhibiting embers of talents to shining all-stars. On the Professional Level, the Sports Clients of Integrity Sports Agency can choose from a full menu of services that includes:

  • Draft Prep and Training
  • Contract Representation
  • Legal and Accounting Services
  • Career Management and Development
  • Financial Education on Investments and Retirement Planning
  • Utilizing Social Media to Protect and Enhance Your Brand
  • Community and Social Engagements

Combining Education, Nutrition and Training

Our youngest sports talents represented by our personalized Sports Management Company are assigned a trusted team of experts who will advise and guide the young athlete as well as their family.
The High School and College level athletes that are represented by our Sports Management Company will have a personalized team to assemble a well-rounded individualized program that includes:

  • Educational Guidance and Encouragement
  • Nutritional Regiment
  • Training Programs
  • Financial and Social Media Guidance
  • Scholarship Applications

Dedicated Sports Management

Our dedication to personalized sports management representation includes all aspects of our athlete clients. The team at Integrity Sports Agency is committed to every person we represent at all levels of competitive sports.
Our dedicated team of nutritional experts, financial advisers, trainers, lawyers, counselors as well as brand experts, and social media consultants guide our clients in informed decision making. For rising stars and young talent, we incorporate family guidance in solidifying and reaching the goals of our represented athlete.

Management Program For Athletes Of All Ages

Our trusted representatives provide guidance to young sports talent as they continue their education while enhancing their skills in a safe pro-active training program. We provide our youth athletes with the tools they need to participate at the level that is commensurate with their abilities.

Lessons Learned

These Veteran Professional Athletes share their painful, personal money management mistakes, often caused by misguided financial advice.  Joining the ISA Team will provide you with the financial literacy you need to avoid similar costly missteps and put you on the path to economic prosperity. 

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