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Integrity Sports Agency represents individuals in all competitive athletics with dedicated, passionate, guiding Individualized programs with a game plan for success. Built on trust and mutual respect, we have a team of professionals and programs for athletes at all levels who have a goal of a career in sports.

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Integrity Sports Agency has a Management Program for Athletes of all Ages.

Our trusted representatives provide guidance to young sports talent as they continue their education while enhancing their skills in a safe pro-active training program. We provide our youth athletes with the tools they need to participate at the level that is commensurate with their abilities.

Our Goal is to Help YOU Reach New Heights in YOUR Career

Your Personal Representation Team at Integrity Sports Agency includes Financial Education enabling our clients to wisely invest their earnings for the present and future. We provide you with multiple streams of revenue opportunities for the off season as well as at the end of your career.

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Anthony Fletcher

Anthony Fletcher Sr. is the Founder and CEO of Integrity Sports Agency. Upon completing High School in Pontiac, MI, Anthony was encouraged by area Professional and Collegiate Athletes to showcase his talents in the Pro-Am League. Inspired by their mentorship, Anthony set his sights on the goal of a college scholarship based on his athletic abilities. Despite not playing high school basketball, through his hard work and dedication, He was able to secure earned a Division 1 Athletic Scholarship to the University of Hawaii. Determined to make the most of his opportunity, Mr. Fletcher applied his winning attitude to his academic endeavors. Ingrained with integrity, passion, as well as dedication, Anthony Fletcher graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Human Resource Management.

Entering the corporate world, Mr. Fletcher quickly rose through the ranks of Fortune 100 companies while gaining respect for his honesty, integrity, and leadership. After completing stints as a Corporate Executive that took him to six countries, Anthony settled with his family near Chicago. He is the Founding President and Operator of My Future Consulting, Inc,.one of Chicago’s top-ranked employment placement services. Maintaining his connections to the sports world while engaging with athletes through his community charitable works, Anthony Fletcher saw the need for an honest sports presentation agency. He founded Integrity Sports Agency based on trust, honesty, dedication and passion.
“I’ve known Anthony Fletcher since he was a collegiate basketball player in the mid-1980’s. I knew then what he’s proving now…. that he would be a leader and a success in life. Never a doubt” Neil Everett, ESPN


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