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January 2024 

While being drafted into the NBA is a dream come true for players all around the world every season, the opportunity to be in that situation requires hard work and a modern skillset. As a player goes from high school to college, and ultimately to the NBA, the level of competition and style of play changes dramatically.

As such, there’s a certain archetype of prospect that can be identified early on as someone who has a real chance to make it to the league. When looking at the current class of high school players who are set to become college freshmen in the 2024-25 season, the level of talent is remarkable. 

As these players embark on their final few months of high school play, Integrity Sports Agency will be evaluating some of the best guards, wings and bigs across the country. Along the way, we will be highlighting some of the players who have that modern skillset to make it to the NBA. 

Let’s recognize some of the most impressive high school wings in the Class of 2024.

Khani Rooths

6’8” | 195 lbs – IMG Academy | University of Michigan Signee

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A walking mismatch, Rooths is the size of a forward but possesses quite a few guard skills. He has a smooth jumper that extends out to the 3-point line, but also has no problem putting the ball on the floor and creating for himself. This unique skillset will allow him to play more wing at the next levels, which will only elevate his ceiling. 

When getting to the rim, Rooths can finish with power or touch. He has shown an ability to effectively convert with both hands and possesses good change of pace, but also burst, for a player of his size. He’s a smart cutter and has a nose for offensive rebounds which often results in easy buckets. On the defensive end, Rooths has the size, length and foot speed to guard upwards of four positions at the college level. 

From those we’ve spoken to about Rooths, what stands out most is his basketball IQ and deep understanding of the game and how to be most effective in a team setting.

Jalen Shelley

6’8” | 175 lbs – Link Academy | University of Arkansas Signee


With good natural feel and instincts alongside an elite knack for creating offense, Shelley has a tremendously high ceiling. The lefty plays a smooth and fluid game, showing off his high level of talent. At 6-foot-8 with an elite handle for that size, he will be highly impactful at the next level. 

When the ball is in Shelley’s hands, he is one of the craftiest wings in the country with his ability to break down defenders and create for himself. He’s a proven scorer and advanced shot maker that really stands out among his peers. He’s also great in transition where he is known for making the right play and ensuring a bucket one way or another. 

Everyone we’ve talked to about Shelley mentions his dedication to the game of basketball. He’s a standout athlete who likely could have played college football, but gave that sport up for hoops.

Isaiah Evans

6’6” | 165 lbs – North Mecklenburg High School | Duke University Signee

At 6-foot-6 with great length, Evans has the frame that teams everywhere are looking for to be a perimeter star. He has a reliable 3-point shot, deep range and a high release that allows him to step out and space the floor, which is ideal in the modern game. His energy is contagious and really sparks his teammates. 

Evans is also a disruptive defender, playing with a high motor on that end and leveraging his length in passing lanes. He seems to have a natural feel on defense and understands how to read the opposing team. Given he is still growing into his body following a growth spurt, his frame will continue to fill out in the near future which will elevate his defensive upside even more. 

Evans is known for playing with a confidence that is unmatched and being an intense competitor, which those who know him believe will only further ensure he makes it moving forward.

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